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Electric grill

DŲner and Gyros grill


Stainless steel (rust-proof)





Technical date
Charging space w/o grease pan
(W x D)
450 x 600 mm
Charging space w/ octangular grease pan (W x D) 550 x 760 mm
Operating height w/ motor 1285 mm
Appliance connection 10,5 kW/ 400 V/230 V / 3/N/PE /~50Hz
Required feeder 5x4 qmm
Required fuse protection 3x25 A
Reflector surfaces 7 ceramic bricks
Heating elements 7 pcs.
max. weight of meat 80 kg
max. height of meat 700 mm

6 months guarantee on materials.
Technical alterations reserved!
Our appliances meet all demands of the safety regulations for appliances!

POTIS Electric grills:
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