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tel.: +48 22 634-17-60 / mob.: 510-36-46-67

Welcome to GastronomiaSystemPolska!

GastronomiaSystemPolska company sells and repairs grill machines: Kebab, Gyros, Döner.

Being the only authorised representative of the German POTIS company on the Polish market, we offer appliances of the best quality and guaranteed reliability.
POTIS has many years' experience. Our machines have gained recognition all over the world (from the USA to Japan).
They are the sign of the best quality in the way "Kebab" is prepared in your store, which will certainly appeal to your customers

GastronomiaSystemPolska provides the full service: from personal advice and purchase to spare parts service and appliance repair. We also guarantee professional and fast service assistance as well as machine hire for the time of repair.

Thanks to our appliances you can be sure that prepared product - Kebab - has the highest health and taste values, which will contribute to your recognition among customers.

Our main idea is to provide you with appliances of the best quality that will fulfill your needs and help you enjoy a big success of your restaurant.


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